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Topics: World War II, United States, Nuclear weapon Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: November 22, 2013
DB # 5 Explain how profits, piety, and politics affected American foreign policy in the late 19th century. Profits affected American foreign policy because the US was producing more that it could possibly consume at the time, they needed a market for their exports. In order to secure their share of the global market and make a good profit along with access to sugar, coffee, fruits, oil, rubber and minerals, the government built a stronger navy, acquired more coaling stations and colonies and invested heavily in foreign markets. As for the piety, a strong sense of duty and the missionary ideal of doing good for others motivated expansionism. And for politics, the public outcry for support of things like the Cuban rebels against Spain, fueled by sensationalist journalism, also spurred expansionism.

DB # 6 Chapter 19: Briefly discuss the major problems of American society that concerned the social justice progressives and explain how they tried to confront these issues. Also, what was the one thing that the Progressives lacked in their vision?

Some of the problems that the social justice movement wanted to improve on was education, inner cities, better life for immigrants, and labor conditions. With education, they wanted a better education for the youth of the country. This was mainly focused in cities. With inner cities, they wanted to have better housing for all. Overall, they wanted to humanize areas so it was good living conditions for everyone. For immigrants, they saw issues in the system, they wanted to assimilate them into American society better. For labor, they wanted to create child labor laws and put limits on the amount of time people could work. In order to figure out how and what needed to be changed, they used their education to conduct surveys, research, and create reports for social change. What they did lack was a desire to help African Americans. Instead they focused on white people. Even though this was a reform movement to move society...
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