Disaster Recovery Plan

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A. Multimedia Presenter Notes (Slide 1)
A1. Role Descriptions of DRP/ECP team members (Slide 2)
Depending on company size, the committee may include several teams, with each team leader serving on an overall crisis management team or one team with representatives from each defined area within the organization.

Role: Executive Management (organization authority)

Determine and announce crisis situations
(Declares the emergency/crisis state of affairs)
Activate the DRP
Supervise response and recovery efforts
Confirm restoration of normal business operation and finalize the disaster recovery processes

Role: Legal (Counsel can be both internal and external)

Address legal and regulatory issues
Ensure regulation compliance for mitigation efforts
Ensure laws and regulations are followed during restoration and recovery efforts Protect organization best interest

Role: Information Technology - IT

Risk and vulnerability assessment
Operating system administration, restoration, and recovery
Damage assessment – salvage assessment and organization
LAN/WAN recovery and restoration
Network, systems, and operations repair/recovery
Server restoration and recovery
Database recovery
Application recovery
Software restoration and recovery
Backup and redundancy methods
Alternate site coordination
Equipment restoration

Role: Human Resources – HR (Slide 3)

Protect the best interest of employees
Ensure employee needs and concerns are met
Coordination of insurance and health benefits
Staffing – temporary and contractual assistance, employee relocation Payroll issues and management

Role: Operations and Crisis Management Team (Disaster Recovery Committee) Responsibilities:

Identify business goals/objectives
Assess risk based on rate probability, impact, cost
Manage assets – identify and determine value/cost
Evaluate current organization status, structure, and function Analyze financial impact metrics – cost to operate, cost of downtime, profits Develop DRP specifics relevant to an immediate crisis
Identify and execute trigger points within the plan
Delegate roles, responsibilities, and assignments to appropriate team members Manage DRP implementation through the recovery period
Frequently evaluate, update, and improve the DRP to meet business needs

Response and Recovery teams: (Slide 4)


Emergency Notification – notify the response team and key team members Keep management and organization informed
Communicate with media and public (if applicable)
Large corporations will often outsource for public relations assistance when dealing with news, media, and press releases – particularly when a disaster threatens heavy damage to their reputation and integrity.

Emergency Response - concerned with the well-being and safety of personnel in the event of actual disaster. Often first responders to assist with the following: People
 Coordinate evacuation procedure
 Assist in search and rescue efforts (if necessary)
 Render first aid (if necessary)
 Protect/secure buildings and structures (if applicable)
 Protect/secure equipment (if applicable)

Administration - handle administrative tasks during a disaster such as: 

Order supplies
Coordinate deliveries/shipment tracking
Scheduling and vendor coordination
Answer and return phone calls, faxes, emails, messages, etc. Paper document handling – distribution, organization

Damage Assessment/Salvage – can be both internal and external Internal
 Assess the immediate effect on operations caused by the disaster  Assess damage to equipment, structure, operations, systems, etc.  Determine items for salvage and recycling
 Determine items requiring special...

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