Digital Media Purpose

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Digital media purposes

* ENTERTAINMENT AND LEISURE: This is the industry which makes the largest use of digital media. Films, television and radio use video, audio and animation to tell stories and entertain. Computer games also fall into this category. Computer games are masterpieces of multimedia, using all aspects to create immersive environments. This industry I think makes a lot of money billions in fact because it’s in everybody's interest, for example music concerts or watching the Olympic sports live.

* EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Digital media is a great tool for teaching this gives the student maybe even the teachers a better way of understanding a type of work set out to be a very hard task, digital media helps improve on your functional skills for example My maths is a great way of learning maths and it’s on the internet. Digital media also helps in training and it’s a great way to learn something if you are a beginner for example learning how to ride a bike you could search the WWW, (World Wide Web). For example using media to teach different subject, another example would be in training a new worker in a work place.

* MARKETING: When advertising the use of digital media increases. The main reason for this is because if you want to have a great effect on people trying to buy your item or property you are advertising you are going to need to put it on the net or at least take a picture to put it on showing billboards outside. An example of marketing would be billboards leaflets and information hand-outs for the public to see to buy whatever you are trying to sell.

* VIRTUAL REALITY (VR): Virtual reality would not have been made without the use of digital media it is basically a world of entertainment/games inside of a computer there are a variety of virtual reality games for example Runescape, fifa 13, call of duty. These are the man virtual reality games there are also thousands maybe millions more being played whilst you are...
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