Different Types of Public Services

Topics: British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: September 23, 2014
1. Know the main roles of different uniformed public services Emergency services:
The police
The armed forces:
Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Royal Air Force
Other uniformed services:
The Prison Service
UK Border Agency
HM Revenue & Customs
Coast Guard

Organisational objectives
mission statements
legislation e.g. Fire Service Act 1997/2002, Police Act 2004

dealing with accidents and emergencies
routine work
peace-keeping activities
other roles e.g. antiterrorist and anti-smuggling roles
defence roles of the armed forces
humanitarian work; disaster relief
working in prisons
transporting prisoners
patrolling coast
operating CCTV
working with local communities

2. Understand the main responsibilities of different uniformed public services.

Responsibilities of different uniformed public services: accountability, legal, professional and political; performance indicators e.g. what they are, examples of, effect on work; response to change, diversity; responsibility to public, including value for money, spending tax payers’ money wisely.

3. Understand the different employment opportunities available in the uniformed public services.

Public service work: range of emergency and routine work undertaken; daily work routine; administrative work; work with other public services; community work; implications of working in the public services on a personal level; positive and negative aspects of working in the services; examples of recent peacekeeping activities and humanitarian work; roles at major incidents; examples of activities in recent conflicts. Range: different operational jobs e.g. ambulance service, patient transport services, technician and paramedic; civilian support roles e.g. police control room operators, scenes of crime officers, community support officers; management and administrative roles; part-time opportunities e.g. special constables, retained fire...
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