Determination of Bethany Hamilton

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The Unbelievable Determination of Bethany Hamilton

Specific Purpose Statement: After listening to my speech, the audience will be able to explain how even though Bethany Hamilton suffered a devastating injury that would have ended most people's dream, she achieved success in her sport.

Central Ideal: Bethany Hamilton overcame a traumatic injury and went on to reach her goal of becoming a professional surfer and uses her experience to inspire many people, including me.


Attention-Getter: Show a quote by Bethany Hamilton and ask the audience if they know who said the quote.

Reveal Topic: Introduce Bethany Hamilton, Professional Surfer

Relate to Audience: I'm sure you all have goals for your life. At times, things happen in life that can make it seem like it will be impossible to reach our goals.

Establish Credibility: I first saw Bethany Hamilton's movie a couple years ago and I was just so moved by her great attitude and the determination that she showed to achieve her goals even after she suffered an injury that would have stopped most people.

Preview Main Points: I would like to tell you about the accident that Bethany suffered and how she came back from it to achieve the goals that she had set for herself and the influence that she has had on me and others.


I.Bethany Hamilton was a competitive surfer who survived a life threatening shark attack where she lost an arm and fought her way back to realize her dream of becoming a pro surfer.

A. Bethany Hamilton was born in Hawaii and dreamed of being a pro surfer from a young age.

1.Facts about Bethany's family and early life in Hawaii
2. How Bethany got started in surfing competitions
3. Early success

B. Bethany Hamilton survived a shark attack.

1.She was surfing with friends
2.The day of the attack
3.Coming to terms with her new body

C.Bethany was left with one good arm but she was still determined to surf as a professional....
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