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Decision Matrix

Make The
Perfect Decision
Every Time

About This Ebook
Would you like to learn how to improve your decision making? Would you like to stop second guessing your choices? This ebook explains the process for making logical decisions each time you face tough choices, and provides a tool to help you organize your decisionmaking process.

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| Make The Perfect Decision Every Time

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Why You Need This
Do you ever find yourself in a quandary when trying to
choose between several options? Do you ever make a list
of pros and cons to help you decide which path to take in
life? Do you ever wish you could be sure you were making
objective decisions and not just being driven by emotional
I used to struggle over making the big decisions in my life. Then I discovered a technique called the decision matrix
that revolutionized my decision-making process. Now, I
use it to make important decisions like:
Which vacation location to visit
Which candidate to hire for a job
Which job offer to accept
Which apartment to rent
Which software to purchase
Whether to lease or purchase a car
You can use the decision matrix to make any decision you face in your personal or business life. You can use it alone, with your partner, or with a business team. The only limit to how you can harness the power of the decision matrix is your own imagination. If you have an important decision to make and you want to reduce or eliminate the chances of second guessing yourself later, you should try the decision matrix.

| Make The Perfect Decision Every Time

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The Benefits
Here are some benefits you can expect from using the
decision matrix:
You understand how and why you choose one
option over another.
Your decision fits with your priorities.
You evaluate each option on its own merit without
directly comparing it to other options.
You use logic rather than emotion to make the
You get a chance to think about what you really

Why Not Use Pros and Cons?
Many people do a list of pros and cons when making
decisions. I think that is always a bad idea. Here’s why.
When you take the time to make list of the cons for each
option, you make a list of the things you don’t want for the option you end up choosing. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not fill my head with all of the things I don’t want about the choice I’m about to make. Staying focused on the benefits of each option seems like a smarter and happier way to live.

| Make The Perfect Decision Every Time

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Decision Matrix Process
The decision matrix process is simple.
1. Define your ideal solution. Spend a few minutes thinking about the ideal solution. How does it look and feel? Try it on for size. Make a list of the key characteristics for your ideal solution.

2. Set Your Priorities. Which of these characteristics of your ideal solution are the most important? Assign a weight (percent) to each key characteristic. The weight establishes your priorities.
3. Assign The Points. Evaluate each option and...
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