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debate: children that watch tv effects their education

By emilymary173 Mar 31, 2014 278 Words
Good morning year 10 health class, today I am going to discuss the topic of if watching TV should be banned for children. I am against this notion. There are many reasons why I think television shouldn’t be banned for children. My first reason is that watching educational TV programs can help your child develop skills such as reading and spelling; it also provides a wide range of general information. It is proven that children who watch educational TV shows are most likely to do better in school than children who don’t. Statistics show that children who watched television shows such as Sesame Street in the 90’s academically did better in school. Television programs such as play school and again Sesame Street, heavily promote reading books at a younger age. It is also shown that when children watch television shows they want to be like or act like the character they are watching on the screen, they become interested in this character and want to know and learn more about them.

My second reason why I think TV should not be banned for children is that television can be used as a stress release, compared to adults it may seem like children don’t have a lot to be stressed about, but in fact they do have concerns of there own. Stressing out can be just as overwhelming for children as it can be for adults, pertically if they don’t have effective coping strategies. Statics show that 49% of children watch TV or play video games to release stress. This percentage shows that watching television can definitely be used as a tool to release stress for children.

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