Databases - How Are They Used Today?

Topics: Computer, Computer software, Computer program Pages: 2 (870 words) Published: April 16, 2013
What impact does using databases have on young people’s lives?| Databases once were only used by the most advanced computer programmers, they have now come to be a part of our everyday lives. We use a number of databases every day without even realising, as they’re utilised in many of our technology devices nowadays. They are used in our television ‘boxes’ like the Sky +, Virgin media etc. different channels are listed in a database called ‘guide’, here you can look up what programmes are on which channels and at what time. Now we don’t have to buy a paper TV guide to see what programmes are on which channels. There is another database where, when you record your programmes it computer registers them into the database where they are then stored so you can play them back, so without this we would have to watch the programmes when they’re on if we wanted to see them, or we would have to record them on a video player.In our phones there are databases, our contacts are inputted into a database when we enter a new contact. Our phone saves the phone number and information, stores it into a database so we don’t have to remember everyone’s numbers. We can then just search for the name of the contact we want and it will appear.Airports depend on databases constantly, for example – once we have bought our flight tickets from a newsagents or online, our purchase is entered into a database that contains all the people who are going on holiday. When your boarding pass is scanned at the airport desks, the computer goes into the database which finds your specific passenger details so that they know that you have paid for your flights and are going to the correct destination. Without this, airport staff would have to look through the entire list of passengers for every flight just to find our correct booking which would waste a lot of time also it would be much more stressful. A database is also used in an airport to display the different flights on a departures board so...
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