Data Resource Management

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Data Dictionary:
A software module

and database containing descriptions and definitions concerning the structure, data elements,interrelationships, and other characteristics of an organization’s databases. Data Mining:
A process where data in a data warehouse is identified to discover key business trends and factors. Data Modeling:
A process where the relationships between data elements are identified and defined to develop data models. Data Planning:
A planning and analysis function focusing on data resource management which includes the responsibility of developing an overall information policy and data architecture for a company’s data resources. Data Resource Management:

A managerial activity that applies information systems technology and
management tools to the task of managingan organization’s data resources. Its three major components are database administration, data administration, anddata planning. Database Access - Direct:
A method of storage where each storage position has a unique address and can be individually accessed. Database Access - Sequential:
A method of storing and retrieving data where records are organized in sequential order by some key field. Database Administration:
A data resource management function which includes responsibility for developing and maintaining theorganization’s data dictionary, designing and monitoring the performance of databases, and enforcing standards for database use and security. Database Administrator:

A specialist responsible for maintaining standards for the development, maintenance, and security of anorganization’s databases. Database Management Approach:
An approach to the storage and processing of data in which independent files are consolidated into a common poolor database of records available to different application programs and end users for processing and data retrieval. Database Management System (DBMS):

A set of computer programs that controls the creation,

maintenance, and...
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