Data Collection

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Data Collection
July 10, 2014

There are many times when companies have to collect data to come to a conclusion about an issue. The data may be collected from their employers, their competition or their consumers. BIMS saw that there had been an average turnover that was larger then what the company had seen in the past. Human Resources decided that they would conduct a survey to see what had changed in the company from the employee’s point of view. They attached each survey to the pay checks to ensure that each person received one, and waited for the response.

Overview of the Situation
The issue presented by BIMS employee turnover was a problem because when a company has a high turnover they put more money into the hiring and training process of new employees. The purpose was to understand what had happened in the last four months that had causes the increase in turnovers. The research questions were based on employee satisfaction within their departments. The data collected was going to be used to aide in the hypothesis that the turnover rate had increased because employee’s morals had decreased ("Develop A Research Proposal", 2014). The Types of Data and How They Were Collected

The data that was conducted in the BIMS, Inc. was an employee evaluation, which consisted of both quantitative and qualitative statistics. By giving employees self-assessment will help them provide the necessary information that BIMS is observing for about the staffs of their organization. The survey entails ten questions which the answers can be replied in quantitative method.

There are also four extra questions that are offered in qualitative form. Those questions ask things such as gender, employee rank, work division, and length of employment. The data that was collected will allow BIMS to see how their employees are from either a quantitative or qualitative stand point. BIMS will collect the data and show the percentage of...

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