D.C. Sniper

Topics: John Allen Muhammad, Beltway sniper attacks, Lee Boyd Malvo Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Summer Oglesby
9 November 2012
British Literature

Murder, some may defined it to be the intentional and uncoerced killing of the innocent; and it is true by definition that murder is wrong. For three weeks in October of 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo terrorized the areas of D.C.,Virginia, and Maryland. The two men shot innocent citizens, often from a distance with rifles of high-power, out of the back of their vehicle. The two killed 10 of the 13 people that they shot in parking lots, gas stations, and other public places across the districts. To add to this, the shootings mentally destroyed these areas as residents kept their children home and themselves out of public as much as possible. On October 24, 2002 police caught up to the volutile shooters sleeping in a car at a Maryland rest stop. However, how do reporters want readers to feel when reading their articles? I feel most reporters turn to reverse psychology to reel you in. They may start off one way to see your reastion, but quickly move to another for a drop off or something more exciting. All while not giving you the full picture of the story.

When a tragic incident has taken place and is reiterted by a primary/personal source such as a journal or diary one can definetly feel the pain and hurt. Caroline Seawell was one of only three who survived the shooting, I could only imagine the extreme pain that she went through. Personally, I have never gone through nor witnessed anything of this sort. However, Caroline testified calmly but in confidence, and shared how the bullet passed through her chest and then from there through her minivan. At the time she testified, some time had passed and although this was the case I'm sure everyone in courts felt at least a small amount of sympathy for her. After all, she did manage to survive the horrific shooting. When called to testify at the trial, she calmly said to the courts, "I dropped to the ground and prayed that God would...
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