D Eisenhower Essay

Topics: World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Normandy Landings Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: February 28, 2013
General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander for the Allied forces during World War II, had to make the decision to attack Normandy beaches along side the British. This battle on Normandy is well know by the name D-Day. Eisenhower had to decide whether it was better to postpone until the end of June or go along with the unpredictable weather. The primary component for the attack on Normandy was the unpredictable weather. Another was the choice to leave the boats in position or to bring the ships back to refuel. These decisions were a great concern, because without the ships you cannot have soldiers and without good weather you can’t see the beaches. Leaving these two the most primary components to the attack on Normandy. D-day is what got our troops onto European soil and led us to winning the war later on. This attack is what some people call the start of the end of World War II and what brought down Hitler. Our chances were looking very slim the night Eisenhower made the decision to go though with the attack. The high speed winds and rain kept Eisenhower from making a decision right away but when called upon to decide he went for long walks to clear his mind. I think this actually helped him make his decision and in the long run help us all. The weather had to be perfect low tide, little winds, and low visibility for the solders on the ground. In the essay by Michael Korda, he said “low visibility might be an advantage for the troops landing on the beach, but it would hamper airmen flying bombers and fighter bombers, and perhaps make parachute drops impossible.” (233) This made it harder for the paratroopers, but it was also was the second most important part that relied on the weather at Normandy. Nearly 18,000 men were paratroopers and less than half died behind enemy lines. On the fifth night of June, weather began to clear up and things started to feel that they had made the right choice. The final factor in the decision for Eisenhower was the...
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