Cypop5 Syllabus

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CYPOP5 syllabus
Understand how to set up a home based childcare service syllabus
Unit 1: Understand how to set up a home based childcare service. 1.1 Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies. 1.2 Develop policies and procedures for: accidents, illness and emergencies; behaviour; safeguarding; equal opportunities and explain how these will be implemented. 1.3 Explain the importance of confidentiality and data protection. 1.4 Develop a marketing plan for own home based childcare service 1.5 Demonstrate financial planning for own home based service. 1.6 Identify sources of support and information for the setting up and running of your home based childcare business.

Unit 2: Understand how to establish a safe and healthy home based environment for children. 2.1 Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment. 2.2 Explain the principles of safe supervision of children in the home based setting and off site. 2.3 Identify ways of ensuring that equipment is suitable for children and meets safety requirements. 2.4 Know where to obtain current guidance on health and safety risk assessment of the home based work setting. 2.5 Explain how to store and administer medicines.

Unit 3: Understand the importance of partnerships with parents for all aspects of the home based childcare service. 3.1 Explain the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the child care service 3.2 Describe how partnership with parents are set up and maintained.

Unit 4: Understand the principles of development of routines for home based child care. 4.1 Explain how routines are based on: meeting a child’s needs; agreements with parents; participation of children. 4.2 Explain how they would adapt routines to meet the needs of children at different ages and stages of development. 4.3 Explain how they ensure that each child is welcomed and valued in the home based work setting.

Unit 5: Understand...
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