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Topics: Material safety data sheet, Risk, Hazard Pages: 4 (909 words) Published: October 30, 2013

Assessment activity 1: Locate and communicate OHS policies which clearly express the organisation’s commitment to implement relevant OHS legislation in the enterprise What information should be provided when communicating policies to staff? Information that should be provided to staff when communicating policies are as follows Duties of the employers,

Duties of the employees and contractors
Health and safety committees
Discrimination in the workplace
Risk assessments
Control of risks
Recording and/or documenting of information
Functions of health and safety representatives (HSRs)
Manual handing
Information about the current relevant legislation can be located on the state government leglislation website on the internet.

Assessment activity 2: Define OHS responsibilities for all workplace personnel in accordance with OHS policies, procedures and programs When defining reponsiblilities, what must be included?
Health and safety legislation and standards relevant to the workplace must be determined prior to defining responsibilities. You also must be aware of any staff in other states / territories as they are governed by different legislation. At the workplace management level the responsibilities must be specific, covering tactical and operational outcomes eg: Identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and risks Minimizing events that could lead to injury

Reduced costs of claims

Assessment activity 3: Identify and approve financial and human resources for the effective operation of the OHS system What are some examples of financial and human resources necessary to ensure the effective operation of the OHS system? Financial and human resources are necessary to effectively establish that Baseline statutory requirements are being met

The organisations policy statements are being met
The cost associated with implementing recommendations are identified The risk associated with the operation is ameliorated...
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