Cultral and Divertsy in Health and Social Care

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culture and diversity
Unit 6
theresa hannam

theresa hannam

In this assignment l am writing about 5 different factors about culture and diversity will also show how discrimination effects these choices. The definition of discrimination is the unequal treatment of individuals usually on the basis of gender, religion, age, race, or is a negative action towards a social group. My choices are

Family structure

Means individuals that share a language, cultural practice, and religious beliefs examples include English polish Indian Chinese welsh Scottish .people who share the same race such as the Asian population can be Japanese Thai and Korean.

Berthoud modood and smith (1997) define ethnic group as follows: a community whose heritage offers important characteristics in common between its members and which makes them distinct from other communities. There is a boundary, which separates ‘us’ from ‘them’, and the distinction would probably be recognized on both sides of that boundary. Ethnicity is a multi-faceted phenomenon based on physical appearance, subjective identification, cultural and religious affiliation, stereotyping, and social exclusion.

This creates diversity because some individuals consider other ethnic backgrounds to be inferior to themselves. There are some groups such as the British national party believe that only white people belong in England. In the UK and elsewhere referring to an individual as ethnic could cause the offence, but is broadly accepted in the USA Canada and Australia. In the USA racial and ethnic discrimination have had a very long history is starts in the 17th century with the importation of African slaves. The 13th amendment brought slavery to an end but it did not put a stop to the racial discrimination, the us legal system for over 70 years embraced a system of state sponsored racial segregation in schools transport and public places by putting up sign as no blacks or black people have to give up their seat for a white person because there are none left. Since the 1960 federal civil rights laws and the Supreme Court decisions have sought to combat illegal discrimination based on race or ethnicity

Discrimination on the grounds of nationality color or race, ethnic or national groups was made illegal by the race relations act of 1976. Discrimination on the grounds of belief or religion became unlawful with effect from 2nd December 2003 with the introduction of the employment equality (religion or beliefs) regulations 2003. There are two types of discrimination these are Direct discrimination: is treating individuals unfairly or differently because they are from a different ethnic group for example putting signs up saying no blacks or Asians allowed Indirect discrimination: means that one individual is treated exactly the same as another for example not allowing an Asian female to wear her head scarf because it is not part of the uniform the company are trying to treat everybody the same, this affects the woman’s religious beliefs.

Family structure
Family structure means a group of individuals that are related to each other by birth marriage or adoption. There are five main groups that make up family structure are: Nuclear family: this type of family usually has a mum dad and their children. This family structure was most common during the 20th century. Where mum would stay at home and looked after the house and the children while dad was the main bread winner. Over the years this type of family has dwindled in numbers. Nowadays the nuclear family structure has changed because mums will now gout to work to bring in extra income. The role of the mum has changed as well, leading to an increase of nurseries, nannies and child-minders. Extended family: this type of family is usually made up of mum dad children...
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