Crystal Palace

Topics: History of painting, Painting, Cubism Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Crystal Palace
Describe the exhibition come about, what was the reason for it, the understanding that the industrial revolution is permanent, not some strange thing thats happening to society . The description has to give us insight to why the exhibition was important and to modernism. Two Parts:

Building itself- dimensions, what does it mean when you build with iron and glass (to form an interpretation), no internal supports which creates space to exhibit. Linear thinking, transparency, pre-fabrication (pre-manufacturing- doing it in sections), Floor plans, what does it mean when you replace wood to glass. This is leading us to another way of thinking, of conceptual thinking, “the module”- you can see it in the exterior of the building and the wall is broken down to contain something. Birth of the grid system, eventually 70 years after coming from architecture.

What happens in 20’s and linear thinking, geometric thinking... (which is your conclusion)

Exhibition: name all the categories for the display. Important to know what was displayed. This is another aspect of modernism, photography at this point is 12 yrs old. (machine, consumer goods, steal engraving.) Prince Albert also has photography equipment and knew how to make photos. He said there will be two catalogue’s one steal common one and then another with photos only, and hence you can present that “modern” thinking w/o using the word.

Painting is now pushed to a poisition of lesser importance and photography is getting bigger. The carrier of the new era, is not in color, so you cant sell that because of its separation to reality. You can have colorless depictions of reality and the world now looks at itself differently.

Other Exhibitions- awareness of the need for a new aesthetic (as reflected on the consumer goods). (Ornaments of angels and birds.... wasn't enough, it was too much junk.) After 70 yrs, it goes away from the floral and the curvilinear and it goes to the crystal palace,...
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