Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Crime Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Crim notes 10/22/12
-Poverty Outlaw
-What problems would social structure theories point to as facilitating crime? --> lack of opportunity, (resulted from deindustrialization), social problems (crime is a social problem) culture conflict theory-->

-So, what kind of solutions does this point to?
Practical Application of Social Structure Theories:
Chicago Area Project (1930s-current):
-->educational & recreational programs for underprivileged youth -Citizen mobilization to clean up neighborhoods
-Intervention on behalf of teens in the CJ system
*Weed & Seed:
-Control and prevent crime through collaboration b/w law enforcement, DA & community -Coordinating existing community resources and build new
-Comminty-oriented policing approach
*Johnson's War on Poverty:
--> Systematic change in urban communities to eliminate "criminal opportunity structures" --> How do fundamentals beliefs about the cause of crime influence policy intiatives? Major Principles of Social Process Approach:

-Crime is socialized behavior
-Socialization: process whereby culture is transmitted
-Agents of socialization: family, peer groups, educational/religious, authority figures, media Table 9.1
___________________________________________________________________________ Social Learning Theories:
-Focus on process involved in learning criminal behavior (crime is a learned behavior) -Adopting criminal behavior patterns discessed via 3 learning components: --> differential association, differential reinforcement, differential identification Differential Association:

-Edwin Sutherland
-All significant aspects of human behavior are learned
-People are exposed to many behvior patterns: (some labeled criminal some are not) -Differential Association: Criminal behavior results from having more contact w/ individuals holding aattitudes favorable to crime than w/ those holding attitudes discouraging it. Criminal behavior is learned by interacting with others

-Individuals acquire the...
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