Criminal Justice Final

Topics: Crime, Jury, Criminal law Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: September 10, 2013
* cybercrime: The theft and/or destruction of information, resources, or funds via computers, computer networks, or the internet * jihadist group:
* cyber theft: the use of computer networks for criminal profits. Copyright infringement, identity theft, and internet securities fraud are examples of cyber theft * denial of service attack: extorting money from an internet service user by threatening to prevent the user from having access to the service * cyber stalking: using the internet, email, or other electronic communications devices to stalk or harass another person * broken window model: the role of the police as maintainers of community order and safety * foot patrol: police patrol that takes officers out of cars and puts them on a walking beat to strengthen ties with the community * gang tactical detail: a police unit created to combat neighborhood gang problems by targeting known offenders who have shown a propensity toward gang violence or criminal activity * search: a government actor’s infringement on a persons reasonable expectation of privacy * curtilage: grounds or fields attatched to a house

* e-courtroom: a court that seamlessly integrates technology into its daily operations * prosecutor: an appointed or elected member of the practicing bar who is responsible for bringing the state’s case against the accused * attorney general: the chief legal officer and prosecutor of each state and of the united states * grand jury: a group of citizens chosen to hear charges against persons accused of crime and to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring those persons to trial * indigent defendant: a defendant who lacks the funds to hire a private attorney and is therefore entitled to free counsel * probono: the practice by private attorneys of taking the cases of indigent offenders without fee as a service to the profession and the community * nolo contendere: a plea of no contest: the...
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