Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: October 17, 2014

Crime After Crime is an true documentary film, story that is totally incredible! While watching this film, It gave me a new perspective on life and our justice system. This documentary it is an must watch, I recommend it to see because there is a lot of missing out on some really important information that we should all be aware of in ours life. This film is simply unbelievable, I wonder how can an D.A's office name “Steve Cooley” get away with this domestic violence on an female African American victim named “Deborah Peager”. This truth film is about Peager that was convicted of killing her abusive boyfriend named “Wilson Oliver”.

First of all, Peager was 15 years old when she met Oliver since that day they were more than friends but started an new relationship together. In today society relationship is kind of hard to succeed in today life, because, when knowing someone at the first time is kind different. At the beginning of a relationship I can said that everything is different in an way of respect and well understanding each other’s. However, Peager relationship was one of those whose struggle to release from domestic violence.As Wilson the man who abused his wife, forced her into prostitution, and also molested her daughters. He was very violent with Debbie event though she lived with him and had his child. So, he beat her and hit her with the bull whip, and also threatened Debbie life on several occasions. Therefore, Debbie mother Nadia Costa suggested to her daughter that she let Ramone Sibley and “Little Timmy” who were Crips an gang member to make Oliver to leave her daughter alone. Moreover, the plane didn’t work and oliver ended dead, causing...
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