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CTI Final Exam 2011

Thank you for attending the Crestron Technical Institute’s Certification training class. We hope you have enjoyed the class.

This exam is designed for you to complete at your own pace within a 3-month period from the date of attending class Please e-mail properly archived programs and touchpanel files for each of the required systems to Programs not properly archived will not be accepted.

The grading process is based on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of how to design, program and deliver a complete Crestron system. Great looking panels, or very complex string handling are pluses however do not over-complicate the program. The programs should reflect a great user experience and your abilities to complete the tasks at hand.

After receipt and successful review of your program, you will officially be a Crestron Certified Programmer. Crestron will send you a Crestron certified package, which includes your Crestron Certified Programmer certificate, a Crestron “Certified” shirt, a coupon for your choice for a CNXLIR or QM-RMC and information that explains all the benefits of being a Crestron Certified Programmer.

We look forward to your completion of the exam and becoming a Crestron Certified Programmer.

The following systems are for you to design and program. Use as many Crestron items as you can. Remember, knowledge of Crestron product is part of the test.

The Vandaly School of Marine Biology has always wanted to build a School of Architecture. They have received a grant from the Crestron Technical Institute to build a school focused on designing with technology. This new building will have plenty of teaching space but it will also have a complete demonstration wing. In the demonstration wing they will have a series of different rooms or spaces to demonstrate the latest in design and technology. Because of the Crestron funding they are going to use as many Crestron products as possible in every application.

1. Design a Crestron control system for the conference room to control the following: • Lights (Using Crestron commercial lighting modules)
• Drapes (Using Crestron shade/drape controllers)
• Plasma (RS-232)
• Blu-Ray player (IR or RS-232),
• Video Camera (RS-232)
• Document camera (RS-232)
• Video Teleconferencing System (TCP/IP)
• The room will have wall-mounted Plasma/LCD display.
This display will be used to show Video Conferencing (both near and far end video) and all other a/v sources. 2. The system will be controlled by a DVPHD with a DM-TX100 connected to a V12 Panel. 3. The user can call for help from the touch panel and be able to message back and forth to the help desk using the touchpanel. 4. The administrator’s desk will also use Roomview to schedule the use of the room, start and stop video conferencing and establish the conference calls. (All devices should be controlled via the touch panel and not via on-screen menus.)


1. Design a Crestron control system for a model home. This home is not as large as a true home but all the hardware should be in place.

2. For demonstration purposes our house will have the following 4 rooms: • Theater
• Kitchen
• Sitting Room
• Den
3. A full “State of the Art” home theater complete with a Crestron 7.1 surround sound system. • A Blu-Ray player will be located in the Theater with local controls. • The room will be controlled by a TPS-6X with wireless option. 4. The kitchen will be the focal point of the house.

• A DGE-1 V15 will act as the main control for this room and the whole house. • The DGE-1 V15 will act as the computer monitor including mouse control and will provide a video monitor. 5. The sitting room will receive distributed audio and have a TPMC-8x for control...
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