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General guidelines for
exam preparation
Semester 1 2014

CPA Program
Global Strategy and Leadership
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Global Strategy and Leadership

Global Strategy and Leadership


The Global Strategy and Leadership (GSL) exam is to be held between 26 April and 2 May. Please refer to your exam confirmation email or My CPA Program for confirmation of your exam date. Along with this guidelines document, you should have received the ‘Exam cases: Pre-seen exam information’ document that contains the two case scenarios and a major case study which form the basis of your exam. This information is also accessible via My Online Learning. The information in this document will assist you in your exam preparation and provide you with some hints on how best to work through the pre-seen exam information. The exam cases have been provided to you earlier as pre-seen exam information so that you can work through them carefully before the exam. This pre-seen exam information will again be included in the exam paper for your convenience. Please ensure that you carefully read both the pre-seen exam information and the guidelines outlined here.


Accessing the pre-seen exam information on My Online Learning

You are able to download the pre-seen exam information from My Online Learning which is accessible via CPA Australia’s website as follows: > CPA Program > My Online Learning > Access My Online Learning You will need your member number (username) and password to access this area of the website. Only those candidates currently enrolled in GSL are entitled to access the pre-seen exam information. Online access to the pre-seen exam information, via My Online Learning, will be available from Monday, 14 April 2014.


Posting of exam related questions on My Online Learning

If you have any questions in relation to the guidelines outlined in this document, they can be posted on the discussion forum on My Online Learning.
As the pre-seen exam information forms part of your exam, you are not permitted to post any questions on the My Online Learning discussion forum that relate to the pre-seen exam information. These questions will not be answered and will be removed from the forum. You are also not permitted to use the My Online Learning discussion forum to post questions to other candidates that specifically refer to the pre-seen exam information. These questions will also be removed.

Global Strategy and Leadership

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GSL exam


Exam structure

The GSL exam question booklet will have the following major components: Section A—Multiple-choice questions based on the study materials and pre-seen exam information. Sixteen (16) multiple choice questions, worth a total of 16 marks. Section B—Case Scenario 1: Written-response questions based on the pre-seen exam information. Two (2) written-response questions, worth a total of 16 marks. Case Scenario 2: Written-response questions based on the pre-seen exam Information. One (1) written-response question, worth a total of 10 marks. Section C—Major Case Study: Written-response questions based on the pre-seen exam Information. Four (4) written-response questions, worth a total of 38 marks. As part of your exam preparation you should undertake as much analysis as possible on the pre-seen exam information, therefore you should take your own copy of the pre-seen exam information, along with any notes that you make, to the exam.


Time allocation

The GSL exam is of 3 hours and 15 minutes duration in total. The following time allocation is recommended for each section of the exam:
Section A—40 minutes.
Section B—1 hour.
Section C—1 hour and 35 minutes.

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Global Strategy and Leadership


Analysing the pre-seen exam information


Multiple-choice questions—Section A of the exam

The multiple-choice...
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