CPA - GSL 2014

Topics: Strategic management, Strategic planning, Management Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Module 2

How would you define the industry to be analysed? Is the industry global? Is the organization mentioned Australian or overseas based? Can you make any inferences about the industry value chain from the article? What are the key product and services segments in the industry that are mentioned in the article? Are you able to identify the stage of the industry life-cycle from the facts in the article?

What have been the remote environment trends that have driven the industry to its current state? Are these factors changing? What will be their impact on future growth in the industry? Remember an article may only make reference to some of the factors in the remote environment.

What are the forces within the industry that determine the current profitability of the industry? Are these forces changing? What will be their impact on the future profitability of the industry? Again, remember an article may only make reference to some of the forces in the external industry environment.

Does the article make any reference to the different customer market segments in the industry, and can you make an assessment of what drives customer demand in them?

Given your remote and industry environment analyses, and your customer and market analysis, are you able to assess the basis of competition in the industry? What are the key factors that are critical for the organisation to do well in order to be successful? Are there any strategic groups that organisations in the industry compete in? Analyse the competitors if mentioned in the article, to gain a clear and specific profile of each major competitor in the industry.

Module 3

Who are the key stakeholders of the organisation, and what are their expectations from the organisation?

What is the current business strategy of the organisation? Are you able to assess how the organisation has performed to date in meeting its objectives based on the given facts?

Identify the capabilities of the organisation...
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