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Global Strategy and Leadership

Semester 2, 2014

Assessment Guide

Note – this is NOT the Unit Guide
The official Unit Guide is available online and is accessed separately through iLearn of this unit. The assessment guide should be read in conjunction with the Unit Guide.

Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Relationship between Assessment and Learning Outcomes

Assessment Task 1
Assessment Task 2
Assessment Task 3
Assessment Task 4
Class Test 1
Class Test 2
Group Report, Proposal & Presentation
Final Examination
Content Area
Weeks 1 - 3
Weeks 1 - 8
All weeks
All weeks
A 30 minute test taken in class covering 10 multiple choice questions and short answer questions

It will not be an open book test
3 hour examination testing understanding of concepts and techniques. Students will need to apply these to a case study. Further information regarding the format of the exam will be made available prior to the exam.
It will be an open book exam
Students will work in groups of 5-6 (students will be allocated to a group in week 1)
Proposal (5%)
Groups are required to submit a report providing the selected company for their review and the basis for selection. See guidelines below.
Report (20%)
A 5000 word report is required based on an existing company. See guidelines below.
Presentation (5%)
A 20 minute group presentation. See guidelines below.
This is the exam conducted by CPA Australia. CPA Australia makes an amount of “pre-reading” available to students shortly before the exam (eg case material).

This material will NOT be reviewed in class and lecturers will not be providing separate advice on this material.
Due date
Test to be held in class in week commencing 25 August 2014
Exams to be held in week commencing 29 September 2014
Proposal :In class in week commencing 1 September 2014
Report & Presentation: In class in

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