Corporate social responsibility

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Introducing Business Ethics

Is it an Oxymoron?
Is Business Bluffing Ethical?
Definition of business ethics: Business
ethics is the study of situations, activities
and decisions where issues of right and
wrong are discussed!
And business ethics is the study of ethical
dilemmas! – what do you think about the
dilemma in the book?

Legal and ethical

Legal and unethical

Illegal and ethical

Illegal and unethical








Big influence of business on society
Potential major contribution of business to
Business malpractices are huge
Stakeholders require business ethics
Education in ethical decision-making is
Ethical violations are huge
Managing ethics in organizations is needed

Business ethics in large and small companies
Business ethics in private, public and civil
society organizations
Business ethics and public administration

Business ethics is important in these different

Gospel of globalization!
Financial crisis – global capitalism
Globalization is process which dimishes the
necessity of a common and shared
territorial basis for social economic and
political activities, processes and relations
Globalization include cultural, legal and
accountabiliy issues for business ethics
Who are the key actors and stakeholders?

Environmental pollution and destruction of
local cultures
Many companies have sustainability
We need to combine the economic, social
and environmental – therefore we focus on
the triple bottom-line as essential for
Triple bottom-line management – the
balanced company…

Anti-globalization campaign against
What would be the appropriate business
ethics of MacDonalds?
Human rights of Workers?
Is ethics of MacDonalds an Oxymoron?

Business ethicS
Corporate citizenship
Corporate Social Responsibility
Values-driven management

Pressure from governments to business
corporations for Self-regulation
European Union CSR policies
US – Federal Sentencing Guidelines
UN Global Compact
Global Corporate Citizenship as ”licence to
operate” of corporations.

Economic Man
Maximization of shareholder value
We need heroic leaders
The effective organization is lean and mean
A rising tide of prosperity fills all boats
The financial crisis showed the problem of
these half-truths

Inter-disciplinarity and second-order
reflective comparisons
Combination of heterogenous reserch
traditions – multi-theoretical perspectives
Holistic picture of values in organizations
Interdependence of micro-meso and macro
perspectives in organizations
Interdependence of business and society

Organization studies and institutional theory
Corporate social and political theory
Business ethics and stakeholder analysis

Interdependence – state – corporations and
civil society

Between explanation and understanding
 Critical hermeneutics
 Look at corporations from the point of view
- Ethical crisis in a corporation
- Ethical dilemma in an organization
- Ethical effort to build integrity or corporate

The viscious circle of criticism!
Loss of legitimacy
It is required to overcome criticism with the
help from business ethics and good corporate

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