Core Values and Competencies for Global Education

Topics: Culture, Education, Sociocultural evolution Pages: 3 (460 words) Published: April 15, 2013

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1. Identify the different Core Values and Competencies for Global Education and differentiate the issues on Globalization. 2. Explain the different issues on Globalization – the Socio Cultural, Economic and Political Issues on Globalization. 3. Discuss how the various issues on globalization affect every individual.


A. Core Values and Competencies for Global Education
B. Issues on Globalization
a. Socio-Cultural Issues
b. Economic Issues
c. Political Issues


Teachers’ ActivityStudents’ Activity

Good afternoon class! Good afternoon Ma’am!

For today’s lesson, we will discuss about the Ma’am, globalization is about industry and busi Core Values and Competencies for Globalization ness while education is the knowledge we And the different Issues on Globalization. gained.

But before we go on, what can you say first about
Globalization and Education? Yes?

Right! Those two goes hand in hand and affects
Each other, if we truly understand education then it can
Be a core of globalization.

So, what are the different core values? Peace and non-violence, social justice and (calling a student) human rights, economic well being and equity, Cultural integrity, ecological balance and

democratic participation.

What about the different compe- self-worth and self-affirmation, the affirmation tencies? of others, including cultural and racial
differences, critical thinking, effective commu-
nication skills, non-violent conflict resolution
and meditation, imagination and effective orga-
nizing Ma’am.

Very Good! (after discussing what core
values and competencies all about)
Now, let us go on the Different Issues on Socio-Cultural Issues Ma’am. Globalization. Kindly give one.

Another? Economic Issues Ma’am.

And the last one? Political Issues Ma’am.

Very Good class. Do you know that those...
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