Controversies over Women Wearing the Burka Essay Example

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Cody Daily
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Controversies Over Women Wearing the Burka
Now in present society their seems to be more and more controversies with Muslim women wearing the burka or veil. All over the world the burqa has become a subject of discussion and controversy. These articles of clothing are part of the Islamic faith, they are cultural and religious symbols. There are many names for these articles of clothing some being burka, burqa, veil, hijab and niqab. It loosely covers the woman’s entire body, plus the head. The burqa erases the Muslim women’s identity. It is said that the burqa is a symbol of traditionally conservative Afghan society and Taliban subjugation. But the burqa has also became a symbol of terrorism causing even more controversies with the Islamic faith. So now more and more European countries are trying to ban the wearing of burqas in public places and also in homes. The burqa can be seen as a symbol of faith, subjugation and most radically terrorism, and even though countries are trying to get rid of this Islamic symbol it should be left to the women wearing the burqa to decide if they want to wear it.

To some the burqa is seen as a symbol of faith and oppression but, to many people, the burqa has become a symbol of terrorism and has causes the burqa to have certain stereotypes. In July 21, 2005 there is video footage of one of the failed London bombers wearing a niqab as a disguise (Beyond the Burqa). The niqab is a veil which covers the entire face, niqabs are part of the burka. This caused more people to stereotype terrorism and the burqa together, making them go hand and hand.

The burqa is also seen as a religious and cultural symbol by the followers of the Islamic faith. To the women who wear the burqa, it’s the ultimate demonstration of modesty and adherence to faith and family. The wearing of the burqa goes all the way back in history to about 5000 BC (Beyond the Burqa). In the Islamic faith Muslims,...
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