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The process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience they apply to future related behavior.

Elements that contribute to an understanding of learning are motivation, cues, response, and reinforcement.

Behavioral theories – view learning as observable responses to stimuli. 1. Classical conditioning
Stimulus generalization
Stimulus discrimination
Neo-Pavlovian theories view traditional classical conditioning as cognitive associative learning rather an reflexive action 2. Instrumental conditioning
Instrumental learning theorist believes that learning occurs through a trial-and-error process in which positive outcomes result in repeat behavior. Positive and negative reinforcement can be used to encourage the desired behavior. Reinforcement schedules can be total (consistent) or partial (fixed ratio or random). Timing of repetitions influences how long the learned material is retained. Massed repetitions produce more initial learning than distributed reinforcement schedules. 3. Observational (vicarious) learning

Cognitive theories – believe learning is a function of mental processing i.e. problem solving. Theorists are concerned with how information is processed by the human mind: how it is stored, retained, and retrieved. Process of memory include: - rehearsal-encoding-storage-retrieval.

Involvement theory proposes that people engage in limited information processing in situations of low importance or relevance to them and in extensive information processing in situation is of high relevance.

Hemispheral lateralization theory gave rise to the theory that television is a low-involvement medium that results in passive learning and that print and interactive media encourage more cognitive information processing.

Measures of consumer learning
Recognition tests
Cognitive responses to advertising
Attitudinal and behavioral measures of brand loyalty...
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