Components of curriculum and curricular approaches

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Module 1
Lesson 2 Components of Curriculum and Curricular Approaches

Elements/Components of the Curriculum
1. Aims, goals and Objective
2. Subject matter/content
3. Learning experiences
4. Evaluation approaches

When translated into questions, each component can be addressed by the following:

Aims, goals and objective
What is to be done?
Subject matter/content
What subject matter is to be included?
Learning experiences
What instructional strategies, resources and activities will be employed? Evaluation approaches
What methods and instruments will be used to assess the results of the curriculum?


A formal curriculum is embedded in formal institutions called SCHOOLS. The Philippine educational system is divided in three educational levels: primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Based on the Philippines Constitution of 1987, all schools shall aim to:

Inculcate patriotism and nationalism
Foster love of humanity
Promote respect for human rights
Appreciate the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country Teach the rights and duties of citizenship
Strengthen ethical and spiritual values
Develop moral character and personal discipline
Encourage critical and creative thinking
Broaden scientific and technological knowledge and promote vocational efficiency.

Aims of Elementary education( education act of 1892)
In the elementary level, schools through their curricula should aim to: Provide knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, values essential to personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing society; Provide learning experiences which increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness o the changes in the society; Promote and intensify knowledge, identification with and love for the nation and the people to which he belong; and Promote work experiences which develop orientation to the world of work and prepare the learner to engage in honest and gaining work. Aims of Secondary education

In high school or secondary level, educational curricula aim to: Continue to promote the objectives of elementary education; and Discover and enhance the different aptitudes and interests of students in order to equip them with skills for productive endeavor and or to prepare them for tertiary schooling.

Aims of tertiary education
Tertiary education refers to college and university formal education based on the curricula of the different courses. The different courses should aim to: Provide general education programs which will promote national identity, cultural consciousnes,moral integrity and spiritual vigor; Train the nation’s manpower in the skills required for national development; Develop the professions that will provide leadership for the nation; and Advance knowledge through research and apply new knowledge for improving the quality of human life and respond effectively to changing society.

School’s Vision
is a clear concept of what the institution would like to become in the future. -It is the guiding post around which all educational efforts including curricula should be directed. EXAMPLE
1.A model performing high school where students are equipped with knowledge, skills and strength of character to realize their potential to the fullest.

School’s mission

School’s mission statement, spells out how it tends to carry out its Vision. -The mission targets to produce the kind of persons the students will become after having been educated over a certain period of time. EXAMPLE

1.Commits to the total development of individuals for life adjustment and to the upliftment of the economically deprived but deserving students through quality instruction, updated facilities and curricula responsive to the needs of the times.

School’s goals
The school’s vision, and mission are further translated into goals which are broad statements or intents to be...
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