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Topics: Olympic Games, Prime minister, Ancient Olympic Games Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: April 23, 2014
1. Write a summary of text 1 “competitive sport for children at the heart of Olympics legacy” in about 150 words. The text examines the notion and opinion of the current English prime minister regarding the necessity for Parliament to incorporate compulsory initiatives aimed at ensuring that competitive team sports is directly added to the current English primary school curriculum. As argued, David Cameron emphasizes that the government should nurture the development of a competitive sports culture as to adhere to the competitive ethos advanced by the recent London Olympics. The prime minister pointed out that the current period right after the Olympic Games could mark a point of inspiration for young children to play sports more regularly in their free time. Accordingly, a new national PE curriculum draft had been published in the autumn of 2012 that aimed at introducing an academic scheme which would enable sustained pupil physical activity, competence and physique development and the provision of opportunities for pupil sports engagement. The text also denotes an estimate budget cost of approximately one billion pounds Sterling for a period of five years to be distributed accordingly for the competitive sports initiative. The text concludes in the prime minister emphasising that the Olympic Game can be used as a clear example for competitive sports, as to revitalise and revive the competitive ethos of English schools.

2. Give an outline of the various attitudes to competitive sport in the three texts. The three texts all share a common theme of competitive sports and the revitalisation of physical education and activities as to encourage healthy conditions from the youth of the United Kingdom. Text one pointed out that there is clear positive re-enforcement deriving from both the prime minister and the government to pass legislation aiming to amend the current PE curriculum. Having said that, text 2 attempts to identify that although such...
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