Comparison of Different Buildings

Topics: Construction, Building, Structural engineering Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Building Types (Low Rise)
Building type| Structural form| Description| Advantages| Disadvantages| Dwelling – detached semi-detached up to three storeys.| Traditional masonry cavity wall structureTimber frame Structure.Lightweight steel structureStraw bale construction.| Dwellings are lightweight structures requiring relatively small spans. The enclosing walls usually carry the load uniformly throughout their length down to a strip foundation.The enclosing walls are either masonry formed by individual masonry units joined together with mortar. The wall is formed in two skins with a cavity between them the walls are tied together to make a structural form.Timber and steel frame walls involve the use of preformed steel/timber panels forming the inner skin – these panels carry the loads of the roof and intermediate floors. These panel systems are then tied to the external cladding material.| * Fairly simple construction which is flexible and can be constructed to suit site conditions. * Materials are readily available and can be purchased locally. * This type of structure requires relatively little design expertise. * Substructure work is relatively minimal compared with other types of structure. * The construction process is quick, more so if you use timber/steel frame as Weathertightness is achieved much quicker.| * This type of construction is labour intensive and required excellent supervision and quality assurance on site. * High percentage of waste evolves from the construction process, particularly when traditional masonry walling is used. * Minimal spans are achieved. * Can be disrupted by severe weather. * All materials used are carbon un-friendly. * Labour costs are high.| Domestic dwellings – blocks of flats 3-6 storeys| Traditional masonry cavity wall structureTimber frame Structure.Lightweight steel structureSteel Frame using cold formed sections (I beam).Composite concrete/steel frames.| There is a varied rage of...
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