Comparing the Industrialization of Britain and Japan

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Coal Pages: 4 (1538 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Comparing the industrialization of Britain and Japan

Two ships can arrive at the same destination; however that does not necessarily mean that they used the same route on their journey. Such is the same with the industrialization of Britain and Japan. Both rose to become the two great pioneers of the modern world; however the paths they took to success were different. This paper will compare Japan and Britain, exploring the causes of its industrialization, and how the countries drastically changed because of it. What sets Britain’s industrialization process apart from Japans is that it did not have a role model to base its development on; it was the first industrial nation. Therefore the cause of its industrialization must have much contrast with Japans. Britain’s industrialization must pay tribute to its growing population, political stability and geographical advantage

One may question, out of all the other parts of the world, why was it Britain to industrialize first. The main ideal behind Britain’s rise to industrialization in the seventeen hundreds is because the people at the time period had a modern way of thinking; the population was ready to move away from hand labor and agriculture to factory machines and large industrial companies (, 2003). They craved for a more productive and efficient way of getting tasks done. This state of mind was the backbone of the industrial revolution. However Britain had certain advantages that acted as a driving force for the revolution. First of all, in the 1700’s Britain experienced a population growth due to scientific improvements in farming; the increase in crops and healthier livestock improve health and living conditions. The larger the population, the more labor opportunities to work in factories, and the more demand for the products from the factories (Little, n.d.). Another advantage was its political stability. Since England was an isolated island nation, despite participation in the European wars of...

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