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Comparing Islam to Christianty

By lshelton48 Jan 10, 2014 613 Words
4. Compare Islam to Christianity and Judaism. What are the biggest similarities and differences between these religions? What factors do they have in common?

The similarities that all three religions have are that they are all derived from the “Abrahamic religions” and they are all monotheistic. The reason for this is because of the Hebrew’s Bible agreement with God. All have their own form of what they call their written Word. They each all have a place established for worship. They all believe in one God however what each call their God is different. Each religion has a spiritual belief in angles and demons. Although the do have some differences with what causes a person to have salvation there is only one thing that they have in common and this is good deeds to save a person. The similarities are few but the differences are great among the religions.

Some of the differences in Islam and Christianity are that the Islamic faith believes that the message of God had been corrupted as told thru the years. The Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. However they both believe that Jesus was born through a virgin birth. The Islamic religion believes that Jesus did not die but that he ascended into heaven as a result of the crucifixion while Christians on the other hand believe that Jesus did die at crucifixion. The Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected on the third day morning however the Islam’s don’t believe that. However they each believe in the second coming of Jesus. The Islamic religion believes in salvation based on the Five Pillars of their faith however Christians believe in faith and sacraments. They each agree that if you do not leave according to the law that there is an eternal hell waiting for you. As far as human nature is concerned the Islamic believe that people have the ability to do good and evil however the Christians believe that we are born in sin and have a sinful nature.

Some of the differences in Islam and Judaism are that the Islamic believe in the virgin birth but the Judaist believes in a normal birth of Jesus. They also disagree with what happens with Jesus after the crucifixion. The Islamic religion believes that Jesus did not die however the Judaist believes that Jesus did die on the cross. They each agree in the resurrections of Jesus however they do not agree when it comes to the second coming of Jesus. The Islamic religion believes that there is a second coming but the Judaist does not believe in a second coming of Jesus. As far as divine revelation the Islamic believe that it was obtain through Muhammad and recorded in the Quran. The Judaist however believes that divine revelation come through the Prophets and is recorded in the Bible. With this being said the Judaist believe that Gods role in salvation is divine revelation as well as through forgiveness. This Islamic religion believes that God’s role in salvation is predestinated.

Some of the differences in Christianity and Judaism are that the Judaist do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus when the Christians do. The Judaist also does be believed in the second coming of Jesus which is the exact opposite of the Christians. Their views of the Abrahamic religion differ in that the Judaist believes that Christianity and Islam are both not true and they both derive from Judaism. However, Christians do believe that Judaism is true but with parts missing in regards to revelation. Christians believe that Islam is not a true religion at all.

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