Comparing American and French Revolution Essay Example

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The American and French Revolution are the two most important revolutions to ever happen in history. Both revolutions began due to the common people need to obtain independence and liberty from an oppressive government. The American Revolution was first started the American colonists who wanted financial independence from Great Britain. The French Revolution was a struggle to gain social equality among the masses. Though both revolutions are glorious, they have different and similar characteristics among them. The American and French had several similarities as well as differences in military, politics, and society.

The American and French military were different and similar in many ways. The Americans and French's main fighting tactic were the Guerilla Warfare. Soldiers would hide and ambush enemies. The French infantry was much more skilled than American. The American and French Revolution were different in military because France was more wealthy than the Americans. France had a large inventory of artillery, ammunition, clothing, and food. The Americans however had great leaders. Both countries had great leaders. Leaders like General George Washington led the Americans to victory, while the French's Napolean Bonaparte led his army to many successful battles for France.

The American and French are different in that of political structure. The only thing that was similar was that both country's government were inspired by the Enlightenment philosophers. America had the Articles of Confederation. It was weak and had many problems. Later a new type of government was formed. It consists a Senate and House of Representatives in Congress, three branches of government, Federal System, and the Bill of Rights. The French created a new constitution. The National Assembly finalizes the Constitution and becomes the Legislative Assembly. It consists of the Radical, Moderates, and Conservatives. American Thomas Jeffrey wrote the...
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