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Community College Students

By Istayfreshhhh1 May 18, 2013 877 Words
Andres Rodriguez
Professor Fouquette
English 60 MW 2
April 15, 2013
Community College
Often times, community college students are depicted by the public and the media as “not smart enough” or “not capable.” For example, just recently I was at Barnes and Noble and as I was looking for a book the sales associate approached me. She asked me if I needed help then asked me what school I attended, when I told her that I go to Fullerton College her attitude changed. She asked me if I didn’t go to a four year university because of my grades, when I told her that, that wasn’t the reason she went on ranting that I need to do good in school and I shouldn’t be at a community college. It seems that the public look down on the students at community college.

When watching the show, “Blue Mountain State,” you have a group of friends that happen to be on the universities football team. On the show is portrays the typical university life and the football players engage in heavy drinking, drugs and lots of sex. If a four university is offering that then what is so good about going to one? Often times you hear about crazier parties thrown by universities rather than community colleges. Universities are supposed to be prestigious but these huge parties are throwing them off. Many times the public says that community college is no good because of its parties with drugs, they say that’s why no students should aim for community colleges but statistics say that universities throw the biggest parties. Who are the bad guys now?

Recent talk on the website, students talk about how their parents do not want their kids to go to a community college. This is a website for real people with answers from people who have had the experiences. A student just recently posted that his parents did not want him to go to a community college because they are no good. Many people were quick to respond to his post, most of the people who replied were adults who have had the experience, even some professors, and they told him that community college is not bad at all. The responders replied by saying that community college has great professors and are cheaper than a four year university. Of course at a four year university you will get a bit better education, but for those who cannot afford the fees it is great for them. For example, a user , “NTKTOP,” posted this comment. “My parents say that they suck and that they're going to kick me out of the house if I go to one.” This student sees nothing wrong with community college but his parents do, then this is what one San Diego State University graduate had to say, “I don't think they're bad. Of course, it depends on the school you choose and professor you get, but that's the same of any traditional school. CC can be a good jumping board for some people. No matter where you go, you will find easy professors but in my experience CC is a not a bad choice.”

This is my second semester in a community college; so far everything has been going good. The professors I have had are not very difficult but do not give easy grades. Last semester I had a Spanish class that was for advanced speakers but there were some things that did not click in my mind. My professor would stay with me after class to try and help me to better understand the material. This semester my math class has tutors that they offer for free. I take advantage of these resources because they are free and the professors are willing to help me out without any problem. The stories I hear from my friends in community college are that they have teachers that care for the student’s education; they do not give easy grades just because we are in community college. Many professors want to further our knowledge and prepare us for our transfer to a university. No matter where you go, you will get a great education. The United States is known worldwide for its prestigious schools. A big part has to come from the students, if the student is willing to put in the time, dedication and effort their possibilities are endless. So far, community college has been a great experience for me. I have great professors who are always able to help out. The media tries to pick on community colleges but in reality, it is a great choice in this economy. Many students that leave a four year university have a huge debt to pay because of loans. Many students choose community college because it is a fraction of the cost of a university. I do not think it is fair when parents judge community colleges as bad; you can get a good education for a very affordable price. You can go to a community college such as Fullerton College, which has great professors, to get your general education classes out of the way for a low price then transfer to a four year university to mainly focus on your degree classes.

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