Communication Skills of Teachers

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This topic discusses the importance of communication skills among teachers, non verbal and verbal communication, elements in oral communication, aspects of non verbal communication taking into consideration body language, messages through artifacts and symbols and music and sounds.

Learning Outcomes:
1.Explain the importance of communication skills among teachers 2.Compare and contrast between verbal and non verbal communication 3. Discuss the elements in oral skills that need to be mastered by teachers

6.0 Introduction
Communication means sending a text message either verbally or non verbally by a person to others and will have a response from the recipient of the message. (Noriati,2011) Effective communication is when a message is delivered can be received by the addressee clearly. Beside sending messages, communication is associated with the received message skill. Message must be understood and able to provide the most accurate response in any situation. Communication is also the human interaction in sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings whether in word or through gestures or symbols. Effective communication can be used in many ways like speaking, using body language, writing, and through the use of certain tools such as computers, telephones and so on.

Communication is very important in classroom management. Communication and interaction are important to the success of teachers and pupils in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. Teachers need to use communication skills to influence the efficiency of the students to maintain motivation in learning

6.1 The importance of communication skills to teachers
As a teacher, the most important asset is the ability to deliver a message, wisely interpreting and analyzing the received message so that it gives a positive feedback and be able to respond effectively to a message. A teacher may be made manifest his or her thinking through the communicating of ideas and thoughts when it is understood and given appropriate responses. The role of teachers is not only merely managing the teaching and learning in the classroom alone, but his or her role also encompasses other aspects such as connecting with others. Delivery of educational content does not rely solely on the subject presented by the teacher, but how teachers deliver their subject matter is very important in determining the effectiveness of teaching.

Teachers should be sensitive to students with special needs and ethnic students. They must ensure that they are able to deliver the message and the message is understood and accepted by the students. Every teacher needs to understand that their scope of work is more than teaching. The importance of communication skills of teachers can be seen in the various roles played by teachers in fulfilling the following responsibilities:

6.1.1 Instructor
Teachers should be skillfull in relating and explaining the content to students during teaching and learning process. Achievement of learning outcomes depends very much on teachers' ability to convey and disseminate knowledge to students. This is because the communication between teachers and students are among the most important factors that influence the learning process. Teachers should be sensitive to the environment and background of students in order to be able to determine the forms, communication and strategies be used among students.

Woolfolk (2001:55) states that teachers are able to maintain students’ interest in the learning as well as to expand the capacity to master the learning skills if teachers are aware of students' learning environment.

6.1.2 Educators...
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