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Go to chapter 5/6/7 on the multiple choice questions I send you Chapter 3: Business Style: Word Choice, Conciseness, and Tone I. Word choice
Plain style: style of writing that places value on simplicity, directness and clarity. -use common everyday words except for necessary technical terms. -use reasonable sentence lengths
-use active-voice verbs and phrasal verbs ( active-voice verbs show who or what performs an action/ phrasal verbs are simple and informal, continuing verbs =>work out instead of devise) -use personal pronouns

-use unambiguous language
-place the subject as close as possible to the verb
Word choice step 1: use familiar words
-Avoid words that finish in –ize or –ization.
-use words derived from French only times to times
-Avoid foreign words or phrases
-use only job-related jargon
- avoid buzzwords such as paradigm shift
Word choice step 2: use language that is fresh and current
-replace cliché’s
-avoid outdated business expressions
-eliminate slang (coined words or existing words that are informal) -avoid instant messaging abbreviations and emoticons
Word choice step 3: keep language specific, precise, and functional -provide specific details that help readers act on information and requests -quantify facts and avoid vague qualitative statements like “they receive some complaints about it sometimes ago” -avoid ambiguous and non-idiomatic expressions (metaphors)

-use comparisons and analogies to clarify.
Word choice step 4: practise factual and ethical communication -be reasoned and moderate in your judgements
-consider the impact your communication has on others as well as yourself -consult qualified colleagues
- avoid libellous language (false, derogatory language)
-be timely and accurate in your communication
-Avoid untrue, deceptive or misleading statements
-Know what you can and cannot disclose to certain parties
-distinguish between facts and opinions
-don’t claim authorship of documents you have not written...
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