Collective Bargining

Topics: Collective bargaining, Trade union, Employment Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: January 11, 2013
1. Does the labor law encourage or discourage unionization?

I would have to say the unionization was definitely a policy that was encouraged at West University. These laws that were initiated at the state level were formulated to affect unionization policies that were aimed towards all public employees. These laws were state mandated and any public employee which included that of the RA’s were able to not only join a union, but could establish one if they wished as well. These laws also adhered to a policy which granted collective bargaining over the terms and conditions of such employment. In addition, there was also an addition of o GEO or Graduate Employee Organization which was an affiliate of the United Auto Workers. This administration took hold on all collective bargaining processes for all graduate level employment whether you were an RA, teaching assistant or ARD. Through his process West University quickly became a unionized workforce where collective bargaining occurred on a continuous basis. 2. Do you think teaching assistants should be considered employees? It is my belief that a teaching assistant should be considered as an employee of the university. Although an assistant lacks the appropriate requirements deemed necessary to fully obtain a teacher’s status, they have received a level of experience that differentiates their status from an intern. Traditionally speaking, an intern is regarded more or less as a volunteer whose interest in a particular field may not have a direct career path. The term assistant, on the other hand, suggests a continuation of studies regarding a more specific arena of work. A teaching assistant has already satisfied a rudimentary educational level pertaining to their field. In certain aspects, a teaching assistant can be capable of handling the same responsibilities as the actual professor. In the event that a teacher is unable to perform their assigned duties, a teaching assist can theoretically...
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