coldwar in haiti

Topics: United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: April 24, 2014

Haiti in the Cold War
-Won presidential election in Sept. 1957 He was supported by the US because he strongly opposed communism. But then the US backed away from him because he used secret military attacks that killed many of the Haiti people. The US backed away because they didn’t want to destroy their human rights image. (Haiti under Siege Article at -Dictator

-“He attacked all national institutions” that could oppose him; he shut down everything from the press; Catholic Church, schools and colleges; cracked down the unions; punished his critics with torture and death and rewarded his followers with funds; and created a climate of terror through random violent attacks by the military.” (Haiti under Siege Article at - He increased the power of the military naming them the “Tonton makouts.” The whole purpose of it was to “maintain Duvalier’s power.”(Comparative Criminology/ North America – Haiti) -“After Duvalier had displaced the established military with his own security force, he employed corruption and intimidation to create his own elite. Corruption--in the form of government rake-offs of industries, bribery, extortion of domestic businesses, and stolen government funds--enriched the dictator's closest supporters” (Comparative Criminology/ North America – Haiti) -His dictatorship worried US president John F. Kennedy. Kennedy suspended economic/ military aid because Duvalier just wanted to make his tonton makouts stronger. -Tensions began between Haiti and the Dominican Republic in April 1963 when Dominican Republic president Juan Bosch Gavino “provided an asylum and direct support to Haitian exiles.” (Comparative Criminology/ North America – Haiti) -April 1969 Francois establishes an anti communist law that removed any profession of communist belief such writers, professors, and journalist and warned a penalty of death upon them. (“Haiti Under Siege” 200 Years of U.S. imperialism by Helen Scott)...

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