Coffee Shop

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Business 101
Introduction to Business
Spring 2010
3 Credits

Instructor:Robert M. Cameron
Classroom:PVC 123
Textbook:Contemporary Business, 13e, Boone & Kurtz
Office Hours:½ hour before/after class or by appointment

Course Description:
Course covers the study of Business in order to prepare the students to be informed consumers, readers of business literature, as well as to prepare the students to hold careers in the business world.

Student Learning OutcomesMeasurement

Students will demonstrate a basic knowledgeQuizzes, exams, class participation of introductory business concepts.

Students will identify and apply basic knowledgeQuizzes, exams, class participation of business principles to analyze real world cases.

Students will describe the environment in whichQuizzes, exams, class participation Business operates and discuss how business meets
the challenges presented to it.

Students will use business related Web resourcesCurrent events To report current events, career opportunities,
And entrepreneurship updates to the class.


This is NOT a self-pace course! This means that assignments, quizzes, tests, and reports must be submitted before the posted closing dates. You will not be able to submit late assignments in this course. A LATE ASSIGNMENT IS A MISSED ASSIGNMENT AND RECEIVES NO CREDIT! All assignments, quizzes, tests and reports must be submitted via hard copy in class. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS TO ME. All assignments, quizzes, tests, and reports have submission dates posted. I cannot extend the closing dates. Check your E-mail frequently. I will E-mail changes and updates to everyone in the class. I CANNOT RE-OPEN A CLOSED QUIZ, EXAM OR ASSIGNMENT AFTER THE DUE DATE.

To learn the most from this course you should follow these learning steps for each chapter:

1. Read the Chapter Learning Goals.
2. View the PowerPoint slides for a chapter overview. (Some students print out the slides and use them as a note taker when they read the chapter.) (If available)

3. Listen to the chapter audio. (if available)

4. Read the assigned Chapter in your text. Take notes on the topics for future study and review.

5. Attend and participate in class.

6. If you have questions, ask them in class or post them on the Discussion Board. I will try to answer them a promptly as possible.

7. Complete the assignments for the chapter before the closing date.

8. Read the chapter Business Etiquette section.

9. Complete all major exams before the close date.

10. Submit all written assignments before the close date. Carefully follow all of the assignment instructions.

Course Outline:

Week 1Reading: Chapter 1, Changing Face of Business
Appendix E, Careers in Contemporary Business
Case Study:Cannondale Keeps Satisfied Customers Rolling
Homework:Chapter 1, Review Questions 1, 4, & 7

Week 2Review:Chapter 1 Home Work
Reading:Chapter 2. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 3, Economic Challenges facing Contemporary Business
Case Study:Chapter 2, Timberland Walks the Walk
Homework:Chapter 2, Review Question 3
Chapter 3, Review Questions 3, & 5

Week 3Review:Chapter 2 & 3 Homework
Continue/Complete Chapter 3
Reading:Chapter 4, Competing in World Markets
Case Study:Chapter 3, Burton Snowboards Takes Demand for a Ride
Chapter 4, ESPN Broadcasts Sports around the World
Homework:Chapter 4, Review Questions 2, & 10

Week 4Review:Chapter 4 Homework, Complete Chapter 4
Reading:Chapter 5, Options for Organizing Small & Large Business
Case Study:Chapter 5, The UL Mark of Approval
Homework:Chapter 5 Review Questions 4, & 8

Week 5Review:Chapter 5 Homework
Reading:Chapter 6, Starting Your Own...
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