Code of Conduct

Topics: The Guest, Member of Parliament, Time Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 25, 2013
1. All employees will report for duty a ahead of 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure that they are on time for duty. 2. Staff is not permitted to chew gum
3. Staff is not permitted to smoke in any area of the Hotel 4. Staff are not allowed to wear any decorative or any form of costume jewelry on their uniforms at any time. Only items which are stated in the Staff Handbook, as issued by the Human Resource Dept. 5. No Jewelry will be worn at any time. The only exception will be wedding rings and watch. 6. Staffs are not permitted to wear Hotel uniforms outside the Hotel at any time, unless they are fulfilling a function as a part of their Job. 7. Staff will be disciplined should they use abusive or offensive language to any guest, member of staff or management. 8. Staff is not permitted to change shift, day offs or hours of their work, without approval being given by the Operation Manager. 9. All staff will wear their name tags at all times, if a staff member has lost their name tag, they will be required to pay for a new one which can be picked up at the Human Resource Dept. 10. Any staff member who is unable to report for work, at the time designated on the duty roster, will be required to contact their Outlet Manager, within two hours of their start time. 11. Any Employee who does not show up for duty, and no word has been received from them as to what is happening will be deemed as “Abandoning their Position”. Personnel will be asked to get in contact with the staff member, to ascertain the employee’s intentions. 12. No staff member at any time will be allowed to sleep during on duty. 13. Staff must avoid a loud voice or yelling across the Outlet. 14. Staff must always walk in an upright manner, with the head up and shoulders back. 15. When standing, staff must always have their hands behind their backs. 16. Staff is not permitted to leave their assigned outlet without permission. 17. Staff is not...
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