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Coca cola

1. Market Size & Market Share
The Coca-Cola Company focuses on manufacture, distribution and marketing of soft drink beverage. Coca-Cola is number one in top 100 global brands, it is the world’s most valuable brand by $77,839 millions (Interbrand, 2013). Coca-Cola has gone from strength to strength and in the last decade has almost doubled its market share in the soft drink beverages market. According to Marketline (2013) and IBIS World (2013), the table below shows the comparison of Coca-Cola market in Australia and USA (Figure 1, 2) | Australia| USA|

Company name| Coca-Cola Amatil Limited| The Coca-Cola Company| Soft drink market size| 3,954.4 millions (2011)4051 millions (2012)4,124.4 Millions (2013)| 148.9 billions (2011)178.5 billions (forecast 2016)| Coca-Cola market share| 62% (2012)| 44.4% (2011)|

2. Consumer and Customer Review
3.1 Target market segments
Coca-Cola’s products are available for numerous of customers. However, The Coca-Cola Company has different brands targeting specific consumers. For instant, Diet Coke is targeted at consumers who are old or on diet. PowerAde sport water is targeted at those who do sport and healthy programme. According to Moya (2013), the Coca-Cola Company has wide range of targeting, generally targets market of consumers who are 15-30 and reaches 40. The different variety of Coca-Cola products attracts different groups of people. Coca-Cola consumers are upper lower class and lower class. The Coca-Cola Company uses pricing to target different target customers for example smaller bottles or cans with cheaper price for people at lower economic status Moya (2013) (Figure 3). Geographics

Coca-Cola is considered as global products. Coca-Cola operates its beverages in more than 200 countries around the world (not in North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Burma) (Beuker, 2012) (Figure 4). 3.2 Awareness, knowledge and attributes

Awareness and knowledge
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