cloud computing

Topics: Cloud computing, Government, Cost-benefit analysis Pages: 4 (1794 words) Published: November 4, 2014

1.1 Background
The government organizations are gradually adopting ICT as a major tool for the functioning of the organizations. The investment in ICT is also increasing remarkably every year. These applications are mostly deployed on-premise. Due to the scatter software and system, there are repeated systems in the organizations. There is no uniformity in development and use of the software of similar work nature. Despite simplifying the daily work, these applications and platforms are too complicated and expensive. Individual organizations require separate data center, software and the separate team of IT expert. This causes high hardware cost operating cost and maintenance cost leaving less budget and human resources for other development works and concentrating on the main work of the organization. In the developing countries like Nepal, that have not yet achieved high levels of public sector computerization, lack people with adequate ICT skills, has limited resources, cloud computing can be a better alternative solution. One of the emerging solution for the consolidation of government infrastructure and services is cloud computing. Cloud computing is sharing or accessing of the resources; either hardware (infrastructure) or software (services) over the internet. Cloud computing facilitates its end users by providing virtual resources via internet. Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is gaining popularity day by day in both private and public sector as well as medium and large size businesses. The emergence of this novel technology in IT business allows for reasonably priced use of computing infrastructures and mass storage capabilities. It eliminates the need for heavy investment in Information and Technology (IT) infrastructure. Although cloud introduces the innovative and cost effective concept of on demand service, pay as you go, and resource allocation, security, limited skilled technical personnel, change acceptance is...

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