Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: December 4, 2012

Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome
Trenise Evans
Carrie Mingo-Douglas

This paper will give a brief explanation of the selected theme LOVE as it relates to the ancient cultures through early Greek and Roman times. Also this paper will describe the theme, determine how the theme is reflected in the cultural and world developments from the Ancient, Greek, and Roman time periods and last it will compare and contrast the development of the selected theme within the Ancient, Greek, and Roman time periods and relate past attitudes to modern ones.

As a race we all strive for some aspect of love. In childhood we strive for the best love and acceptance of our parents that one would never forget. As we reach the adolescents stage without knowing we strive for the love of our peers and as an adult we yearn for the love of that special someone who can make you feel safe and secured. It is an important part of our well being. Scientists of today have linked the lack of affection derived from love to being the source to a lot of illnesses. Without the affection of love one can begin to suffer from problems such as depression, starvation, weakness, fear of being alone, and sometimes even death can occur. From the mental to the physical it has been proven that love can also cure many of the mentioned illnesses. In the earlier years the people of Greece and Rome were just scratching the surface of what we know as love. From cave drawings to carved busts of fertility deities we see that earlier man thought of love with a spiritual depth that has been diluted today. In earlier times love was portrayed as a minor aspect of ones life. We find in literature and depicted on murals, stories of what may be epic love affairs. These take a back seat to the might of man. It seems that love was a feminine emotion in that it was an after thought to the might of the war captains and heroes of that era. Rumor has it that the Trojan War began...
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