Civil Complaints Process Essay Example

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Civil Complaints Process
October 10, 2010
Brenda Young

Civil Complaints Process
Civil complaints can arise when a patient feels as if they have been mistreated according to the “standard of care”. Some patients have legitimate cases, yet there are other people who are looking for a possible lawsuit. This paper will explore the process for filing a civil complaint against a physician. This paper will discuss what patients and consumers will use in the event of suspected misconduct or possible incompetence. It will also explore the roles of the respective regulatory agencies in investigating allegations and determining and applying any appropriate disciplinary actions. It will also identify any potential criminal liability that might result to the health care professional relative to abuses perpetrated in practices involving procedures, as well as professional misconduct, and explore the events the follow in the event that criminal charges are filed for the described criminal behavior. Physicians are essential, vital, and costly elements of the health care system. The role of a physician is to not only evaluate, treat, and care for patients; it has also become a coordinator and healthcare coach. Physicians provide care and treatment for individual patients according to their medical history by using the decision-making technique. The decision-making technique helps the physician make the right choice for the patient by identifying facts related to the patient’s case, develop relevant diagnoses, and prescribe and implement the treatment(s) accordingly. As the health care profession evolves, the responsibilities of physicians changed from less physician-patient interaction to more management type work. Technology is changing each day and it is also the physician’s responsibility to keep up with it. New technology means, new medical information, diagnoses, and treatments. A civil complaint can be filed against a physician for malpractice action....
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