Topics: Cirque du Soleil, Inflation, Economics Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Cirque Du Soleil Case Study
1.Identify ALL resources and capabilities possessed by Cirque du Soleil: column 1   a/ which of them are a “must” for any cirque?
    b/ which of them are rare/unique to Cirque du Soleil? (note these resources with asterisk * in that same column)

2. Which of the rare resources possessed by Cirque du Soleil create value? How? (column 2) 3. What is Cirque du Soleil’s core competence (if any)? (column 3) All Resources:
Innovative, Creativity, unique show, Diversified product portfolio- Films, TV shows, Merchandise. Flexible working force, devoted artists and creative people. Diversified artists with multicultural background. Brand Name: Identifiable. Decentralizing, Centered headquarters. Globalization. 1) a. Must Resource:

Capital, Equipment, Land
b. Rare Resource:
unique show, devoted artists and creative people
2) Resource to Create Value
Diversified unique artist, caring boss and unique show are the intangible resources. How?
The rare resources can be an important advantage since we only see a few firms possess or can perform the capability in this unique way. The rare value and resources Cirque Du Soleil owned are the path to achieve competitive advantage.Ex: The performers at Cirque du Soleil are recruiting the rare people with the most skills, strength, balance to do what are most confident to do . Very few people in the world can perform the show like that artists . 3) Core Competence?

Reputation, Innovation, creativity and different performing arts to achieve competitive advantage. Economic:
-Growth Rates: Measure of goods and services produced by a nation’s economy -Interest Rates: The amount that savers are paid for use of their money and the amount that borrowers pay for that use -Levels of employment: The unemployment rate, low=Good. High rate=Wage fall and abundant -Price Stability (Inflation and deflation): Too much money=inflation. Deflation=decrease in price level -Currency Exchange Rates: How...
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