Chinese International Business Negotiation

Topics: Transport, Peanut butter, Shipping Pages: 4 (814 words) Published: April 18, 2013
our company has received a quotation from shanghai factory and found the price of their peanut butter is cheaper than that of other suppliers. 本公司已收到报价从上海工厂,并发现他们的花生酱的价格比其他供应商(gōngyìng shāng)的便宜。 they can provide it in 454 grams jars in two varieties: smooth and crunchy, for the same price. 他们可以提供454克(kè)瓶子(Pingzi)有两种类型(lèixíng):光滑(Guānghuá),松脆的(songcuì),相同的价格。 we have accepted the offer and ordered in total 60000 dozens of jars at the quoted price ($20 per dozen, CIF liverpool). 我们已经接受了他们的报价,并订货了六万打瓶子(每打20英镑,到岸价(dào​àn​jià)-CIF:利物浦)。 Now i ask you to meet their managers on monday as scheduled and negotiate for a favoured method of payment. 现在我问你,以满足他们的经理在周一如期举行,谈判(tán​pàn​)最好的支付(zhifu)方式。 (check underlined There are different types of Payment in international trade but the ones that suit us more is Collection on documents (跟单托收) because it is very easy and convenient. There are 2 types D/P (Document against Payment)- Pay before we get the Shipping documents-at the same time as getting them, and D/A (Documents against Acceptance)- we promise to pay as agreed in the contract. Otherwise we can use letter of credit (信用证) however this is more costly and the process is more difficult.

as this is going to be their first international order, you should tell them how our purchased commodities should be packed with varieties for approprate trnasport, distribution and sales in our market. 因为这是他们的第一个国际订货,你必须告诉他们我们购买的商品应当包装适当的在我们的市场上的运输,配送和销售的品种。---Here you can propose different types of packaging for their sales and transportation. * Package-

* The peanut butter should be packed in plastic jars to make it more attractive to the public-因该用塑料制造.

* On the label-
* it should have our brand’s name,
* barcode,
* nutritional information
* Different colour for different types of peanut butter * Blue-smooth, red-crunchy

* 外装:

* Small cardboard dozen boxes for the jars
* Packed...
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