China & Globalization Quiz

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Quiz #1 – Made in China
1) The exchange of silks and spices and the spread of Buddhism along the Silk Roads are examples of: A.Cultural Diffusion
2) A British bank makes a loan to a South American nation.
A United States corporation purchases large amounts of land in Guatemala.
A Japanese investment firm becomes the major shareholder in a Bolivian silver mine. Which concept is illustrated by the situations above?




3) Global problems of uneven economic development, environmental pollution, and hunger reflect the need for… A.The return to policies of economic nationalism
B.Increased military spending by all nations
C.The reduction in foreign aid provided by industrialized nations D.Increased international cooperation
4) List either 3 positive or 3 negative effects of globalization. Indicate whether it is a negative or positive effect of globalization in each answer. 1.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________3.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (OVER)

FILL-IN-THE-BLANK: Use the word bank in order to complete the following sentences. CriteriaIsolatedCultural DiffusionProductionDynastic Cycle DynastyGlobalizationRelevantMandate of HeavenIrrelevant

5) Countries that have very little to do with other countries are ____________________. 6) ______________________ evidence is the strongest evidence to support viewpoint.

7) A...
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