China convention market

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Convention Tourism Assignment 1

Essay Question
The conventions and meetings industry has unlimited growth potential. It will bring substantial returns on investment. Therefore, all destinations should actively promote conventions and meetings.

Program MSC HTM 524: Convention Tourism
Instructor Name: Dr. Karin Weber
Student Name: XIAO Xiang (Sean) 13117714g

Recently, the global convention industry is showing consistently developing trend and growing potential. Based on the research done by the World Tourism Organization (WTO, 2006), it shows that the number of participators at convention including exhibitors and delegates are both increasing, on the other hand, the number of congress of the world is also keep increasing in recent years. The ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) also presents a bright future when they forecast the conference trend. It states that the convention industry in U.S will be developed by rapid increasing of convention center and growing of budget by meeting planner. Also the Asia and Pacific convention market is rapidly increasing in demand, and set to become the largest convention market in the close future, especially for Mainland China market. While the Europe convention market is still perform a stable situation with soft growing. Being a successful convention destination will contribute to the economy of local community significantly in employment, income, foreigner exchange and some other financial related activities. It will also create tourism contribution by promote local accommodation, transport, shopping, F&B and other hospitality and service industry. Realizing these factors, some investors believe that investing in convention business will bring significant return due to the stable and positive future of the convention industry, they strongly recommended all destinations should promote conventions and meetings in order to receive benefit. However, the author strongly disagrees that all destinations will be successfully set as convention destination and benefit from convention industry since there are many factors will affect the a convention destination being success in regard to the site selection power by convention organization and attending decision making by attendees. The essay following is going to further discuss the significant active impact will be caused in convention destination which benefit the local community, then provides few factors which importantly decide the suitability of destinations to promote convention and meeting based on convention marketing concept to explain the reason why not all destinations will be successful in holding convention and meeting without proper city structure and marketing process. Firstly, most analysis shows that convention industry have positive economic impact to local community, some experts even suggest addressing the term ‘economic impact’ to ‘economic contribution’. This economic contribution could be always measured as Gross Domestic Product, Gross Value Added, employment and foreigner exchange. (Webber & Ladkin, 2004) For example, on average, in the Central Florida, the Orange County Convention Center contributes roughly 1.9 billion U.S dollars income to local community every year, all cost nothing from Orange County Citizens. (OCCC, 2014) Another popular convention destination, San Diego Convention Center shows that, in 2013, they generate 1.3 billion U.S dollar economic benefit for greater San Diego region by hosting international meeting and trade show. (San Diego Convention Center, 2014) The economic impact becomes even more significant when the mega event is being hosted, (Lee, Kim & Park, 2010) the UK government have announced that the 2012 Olympic Games has contribute to UK’s economic for 9.9 billion UK bounds.(BBC News, 2012) According to the research provided by PWC, required by Convention...
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