Topics: Political corruption, Economics, Hu Jintao Pages: 4 (1054 words) Published: April 23, 2013
When it comes to the most serious problem hindering Chinese modernization efforts today, our group considers the Knotty Political System in china as the most serious problem. To be specific, Rampant Corruption and Rule by law in political system are the focus of our presentation.

Before i go into the problems, I would like to highlight the Modernization in Chinese context in terms of the direction of Chinese modernization , which is quite different  from other western countries.

China's modernization has been based on the experiences and lessons of other countries, the western countries in particular. China’s goal is to continue modernizing until it joins the first-world. The West was used as an example for Deng Xiaopimg's four modernizations, including  agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology modernizations, through urbanization, industrialization, and economic policy however their management was completely Chinese. That means the PRC remains an authoritative regime, which is contradictory compared with other countries that have modernized as Democracy is the political characteristic that has defined modernized nations in general.

Thus, our group sees that the lack of political reform towards democracy in china leads to the Knotty Political System, which is an obstacle in modernizing China thoroughly because without democracy, hardly can Chinese people monitor the rule of the government and reflect their discontent towards the communist party. 

Now, I will move on to explain why we think knotty political system is the most serious problem hindering Chinese modernization efforts today. According to Mr. Coleman an American Political scientist, there are Six “crisis” facing modernization and we find that the knotty political system in China could give rise to two crisis proposed.

First, Rampant political Corruption could lead to the crisis of penetration which means the difficulty of implementing policy. Also, the common...
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