Children Play Observation Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: March 17, 2006
With increasing emphasis on early child development, play is without a doubt endangered in today's society. Academic development as we know is thought of as the key to success for a child, and the earlier the child is push to start, the more successful he will become. While this idea has completely rendered academia as the ideal way for a child to succeed, it completely undermined the importance and benefits of play. Play helps build characters, and by participating in play children are allowed the opportunity to develop their personality and a positive sense of self. This ultimately helps them realize their potential and allow the child to also succeed later on in life. Play is an essential in a child's life, and play is equally as important as academic in a child's life, but what is play? The following are real life situations where play is involved, and through this we will be able to pinpoint the importance of play and define the definition of play as applied in real life situations.

Everyday on my way to drop off my sibling at his school I noticed the many activities the kids, age range from 5 to 10, are participating in. It seems that before stepping into a classroom and before setting down to start on their academic schedule the kids are allowed thirty minutes of free play. While observing these children in play, I noticed many of these children are very energetic, be it playing on the swing or taking part in a basketball game, these children have an immense amount of energy and no child are sitting down, not doing anything, and of course everyone is laughing and having fun. This leads me to our first definition of play that is play is fun and absorbing. The children were so involved in play that they had lost track of time, as I recalled I even heard someone murmured "Aww its time to go in already". Because this type of play takes place from the very start of the day, we can relate this play to our oldest theory of play of "Surplus Energy Theory."...
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